Monthly Stewardship Prayer

Prayer is a cornerstone of our relationship with the Lord. Whether private or communal prayer, the purpose is to stay connected to God. Whether that is two minutes or two hours a day, listening and responding to God is at the core of the disciple's life. As we develop our Stewardship of Prayer at Holy Rosary, let us pray together our monthly Stewardship prayer.





ALMIGHTY GOD, guide us

throughout this Lent so that all

we do may be motivated by

love of you and your neighbor.

Through your goodness and

mercy, you have given us this

sacred season as an opportunity

to respond more fully to the

grace of our baptism.  May our

hearts be strengthened in faith,

hope and love as we reflect on

the life, death and resurrection

of our Savior and Lord, Jesus

Christ, who died for us so that

we might live forever with him.


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Prayer Line

The purpose of a Prayer Line is to help each other in time of spiritual need—PRAYERS. Have you ever sat up with a sick child, been called in the middle of the night because of an accident, had an illness, surgery, a death in the family, or a feeling of hopelessness? Was it difficult to pray? These are just a few of the reasons for a Prayer Line. If you have a need where the Prayer Line can help, we are here for you.

For a request, please call one of the leaders who will start the Prayer Line. The Prayer Line Leaders are Dianne Dyer (920-898-4982) and Rita Greuel (920-898-5213).

More men and women are welcome to help pray. If you can spare a few moments a day to include another person's intentions in your daily prayers or have any questions about the Prayer Line, please call Dianne.


Marian Devotions

Holy Rosary sponsors Marian Devotions on every Thursday.  Winter schedule from  November through April is at 1:00 PM; the Summer schedule from May through October is at 6:30 PM.  The Devotions begin with a fifteen decade rosary and conclude with a Liturgy of the Word with Holy Communion or Mass.  Everyone is invited to participate.

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