Parish Committees

Parish Council

Finance Council

Welcoming Committee


The Welcoming Committee is responsible for welcoming new families into our parish community. They visit new families who join the parish, send area church information to all new residents of New Holstein, and prepare care packages for our parish military personnel and college students who are away from home. They also oversee the parish representatives at baptisms and provide handmade gifts to those being baptized. The chairpersons for this committee are Mike & Marilyn Steffen.


Prayer and Worship Committee

The Prayer and Worship Committee is responsible for the entire worship program of the parish including the celebration of all the sacraments, regular and special services, scheduling of services and ministers, and other matters pertaining to or affecting liturgical affairs. The Prayer and Worship Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 5:30 PM.  On a rotating location basis, the Committee will meet with our linked parishes of St. Ann-St. Anna and SS. Peter & Paul-Kiel.

Building & Grounds Committee

The Building & Grounds Committee, a sub-committee of the Finance Council, is responsible for the maintenance of our parish buildings and grounds. The committee made up of parishioners knowledgeable in various building and landscaping fields, oversees the maintenance of our parish properties. An annual project of the committee is Beautification Day, the spring cleanup day. For more information or to offer your assistance to this committee, contact Jim McNally 920-810-4133.

Cemetery Committee

The Holy Rosary Cemetery Committee is responsible for the parish cemetery. They oversee burials, cemetery lot purchases, and the overall maintenance of the cemetery. The members are appointed by the Parish Director, after consultation with the parish finance council.

Holy Rosary Cemetery is located on Plymouth Street on the southwest side of New Holstein. Questions concerning the parish cemetery can be directed to the parish office.

Christian Women

The Christian Women are an organization of the women of the parish. The group has as its goal to promote the spiritual development of families and their own personal growth and development. It also provides for fellowship among the women of the parish.

The Christian Women engage in the corporal works of mercy by visiting the sick and offering their services at the times of funerals. They are active in the Fall Festival and other activities as voted upon by their membership.

The Christian Women meet on the third Tuesday of March, May, September, and November. December is a Christmas Party.

If interested in joining or have questions, please contact Leslie Frederich, Rhonda Roepke or Mary Jane Lorenz.

Holy Name Society

The Holy Name Society is the men's organization of the parish. They have as their goal to keep the name of God and Jesus sacred. The organization also provides a vehicle for the men of the parish to gather in fellowship.


Their activities include:

October:         Membership meeting and setup for the parish's Fall Festival.

                       Following the Festival, the men assist with the gym clean-up.
December:       Christmas party.
February:         Membership meeting.
March:            The Holy Name Society sponsors the Father & Son Breakfast for all Fathers and Sons of

                      the parish.  The breakfast is prepared and served by the Christian Women.
March or April: The Holy Name members return the favor and prepare and serve the food for the

                      Mother & Daughter Breakfast sponsored by the Christian Women.
June:              Annual Brat Fry and Membership Meeting. Election of officers is held.


Note: Most of their projects are very short-term and not very time-consuming, but are needed to keep our parish running.

Young men grade six and older who are in need of volunteer hours are welcome to join us in activities. Come join the fun and Holy Name members will guide you through the activities.

If interested or have questions, contact one of our officers to join or to update your membership dues which are still $1.00 per year. 


Also, check out the new parish website sponsored by the Holy Name Society.

Current Officers:

Dennis Kabat, President 898-4520 Herbie Schreiner, Treasurer 898-5283
Dave Whorrall, Secretary